Best Magician of Manipur is Rainson Potshangbam

by Sarah Web

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Best Magician of Manipur is Rainson Potshangbam

Best Magician of Manipur

Best Magician who has his origin from Manipur is Rainson Potshangbam. He started his career by uploading videos on Facebook and Youtube. He has performed all sorts and varieties of magic. He is also the co-founder of the famous King illusionist of Manipur.

- Rainson Potshangbam and his friend Darshan Moirangthem founded the famous King illusionist of Manipur when they were just 15.

- They started the wave of Modern Magic like card magic, mind reading, levitation, etc. in Manipur. They began their career by uploading videos in their facebook page king illusionist back in 2016.

- As per our research Rainson seems to be the only professionally working Magician from Manipur as of 2022. He has his own online Booking Page where you can Book Him for a Live Show. We haven't found any other magician in Manipur whom we can book although we see other youths doing similar style Magic on youtube videos but without a doubt Rainson and Darshan are the Father of Modern Magic in Manipur.

FIY: Daya Sharma also joined King Illusionist later in 2017 and at one point they were working as a trio

Best Magician of Manipur

How to hire Rainson for a Magic Show

You can hire him by going to his Official Website. If you are looking to hire a professional Magician in Imphal, Rainson will not disappoint. He is Really Really Good. Even though his price tag is higher than most artists in Manipur, it is still a steal considering what you will witness.

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